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Get full clarity of your video-level contextual data through language-based insights and brand-suitable targeting segments.

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Where context meets clarity

Secure Integration

We ensure the integrity of your video content with a secure and protected gateway for data processing.

Actionable Data

Our natural language processing technology categorises your content transcripts by entities, topics, and sentiment.

Seamless Activation

Supercharge addressable video advertising campaigns with standardised ad server integration.

Unique language-based insights

Unleash new video advertising opportunities.

Use language-based insights to identify every keyword and topic discussed in your video content.

Find new opportunities with language analysis
Improve targeting with highly accurate contextual segments
Scale quickly with fully automated content categorisation
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Accurate content categorisation

Deliver brand-suitable video ad targeting.

Use accurate content categorisation to structure video-level contextual data into standardised and addressable segments.

Protect brand image with sentiment analysis
Ensure suitability with keyword and IAB topic classification
Increase brand recall and awareness with highly relevant ad targeting
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Access the support you need

Fast-track the implementation of new tech.

Use a trusted and dependable solution to overcome resistance to challenging the status quo.

Ensure compliance with data privacy as standard
Save time with standardised systems integration
Build confidence with market-leading capabilities
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Our collective experience

Our team's extensive industry experience is the cornerstone of our ability to deliver exceptional results

Contxt Media is a game-changer for our industry. Precise language-based contextual data and insights with seamless technology integration will elevate VOD and FAST advertising strategies to new heights.
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Ankush Raj
Head of Data & Technology (Worldwide Activation) at Wavemaker
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Where context meets clarity
Where context meets clarity